12 Days of Reno/Sparks Christmas Events

Sparks Hometown Christmas Celebration


November 30th - December 1st

The parade will feature marching bands, folks in Christmas costumes, adorable animals and festive floats.

November 30th - 6:30PM-7:00 PM Tree Lighting

December 1st - 1:00 Pm - 3:00 PM - Parade

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Christmas on the Comstock


December 1st

Holiday Arts & Crafts Shopping on the Comstock, Grinch Made Me Do It Saloon Crawl, Christmas in the Sierra Concert & Parade of Lights

All month long: Father Christmas at the Visitors Center & Nightmare Before Christmas by Piper’s Players

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NNVCOC Reno Toy Run


December 2nd

Holiday meal, raffle, Santa, music & more!

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City of Reno Tree Lighting


December 5th - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Next to Reno City Hall on First Street between Virginia and Center Streets

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Hidden Valley Parade Of Lights


December 7th - New Year’s Eve

Homes and yards are decorated with holiday lights and displays. Lights are on from 6:00-9:30 PM. If you’d like to enter the contest please call 857-2683 to leave your name, address, and phone number or have any questions answered. Judging the best street and top ten homes will take place on Friday, December 7 and Saturday the 8th.

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Santa Paws


Nevada Humane Society

December 7th - 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM & December 8th - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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The Nutcracker Ballet


December 7th - December 9th at Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

December 15th - 16th & December 21st - 23rd in the Celebrity Showroom at the Nugget

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The Polar Express Train Ride


Now - December 24th

Characters, entertainment and Santa bring the story to life. The one-hour long rides are fun for the whole family.

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39 North Pole


December 6th-8th

Victorian Square becomes a sparkling winter wonderland with thousands of lights in celebration of the holidays. Stroll through the holiday lights, enjoy photos with Santa, kids activities, decorating contests and vendors

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Dec 7th-9th / 14th-16th / 21st-24th 

Greater Nevada Field
Fridays and Saturday 5pm-9pm and Sundays & Christmas Eve 4pm-7pm

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Santa Pub Crawl


December 15th @ 7:30 PM - Downtown Reno

The largest Santa Pub Crawl in the country! The event gives all proceeds to local schools.

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Grinchmas at the Grove


December 15th - 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM

The Grove at South Creek

Come in your best jammies and join the Grinch in the Grinchmas Pajama Parade. The event is a benefit for the Children's Cabinet.

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Preparing Your Home For Winter - 10 Tips


When leaves are falling you know colder weather can’t be far behind.  Without proper precautions, freezing temperatures and harsh elements can wreak havoc on your property.  Here are the best tips to prepare your home for winter.


Prevent drafts.  According to the experts at Do It Yourself, your first line of defense is sealing cracks, gaps and holes in your home.  Leaving air leaks allows cold air to come in, lowering your home’s energy efficiency and making it feel drafty.  Save money on your heating and cooling bills all year and increase your comfort by installing weather stripping or caulking around doors and windows.  Damaged or very old, leaky windows may require coverage with plastic sheeting.  Home improvement stores and hardware stores sell shrink wrap material that allows light in but seals over those drafty windows. 


Windows and doors.  According to experts cited by Bob Vila, it’s important to replace screens in windows and doors with storm windows and doors.  You should also inspect wooden window frames for signs of deterioration and repair or replace them as necessary.  Some experts recommend adding thermal curtains to help insulate against winter’s chill.


Heating system.  Have your heating system serviced and inspected by a professional before using it this winter.  A certified technician will ensure your furnace is running properly, helping avoid breakdowns during cold snaps.  Also you should replace air filters every 90 days and clean air vents and returns.  If your heating system is fueled by propane or oil, top off the tank before winter.  You also should consider installing a programmable thermostat.  You can set the thermostat to be warmer during the hours you are home and lower the temperature while you sleep and when you are out during the day.


Insulation.  Proper insulation in your home helps your heating and cooling system run more efficiently by maintaining a more consistent temperature in your home.  Older homes are particularly well-known for needing better insulation.  Some experts advise having a professional inspect your home to see if you could benefit from an upgrade.  Blown-in insulation is especially efficient and can be used in home designs that make installation of sheet insulation difficult.


Plumbing.  Allowing pipes to freeze and burst could cause extensive and costly damage to your home.  Water lines in unheated areas such as crawl spaces and attics should have added insulation to prevent freezing.  Cover outside spigots with protective cases and remove and drain garden hoses.  Shut off water to irrigation systems, fountains and sprinklers and drain the lines.  Remove any residual water from the lines with compressed air.


Roof.  A damaged roof can mean ice and leakage during winter, quickly leading to costly deterioration of your home.  Remove remaining leaves, sticks and other debris from your roof.  Inspect your roof for any missing or damaged shingles and make repairs.  Clean debris from gutters to prevent damage from accumulating ice. 


Landscaping.  Cut branches back that overhang your house and electrical wires to prevent them from falling and damaging property when ice is heavy or wind is strong.  Aerate your lawn, reseed grass in weak areas, and apply a winterizing fertilizer for deeper root growth next spring.


Deck and patio.  Inspect your deck for signs of damage or decay and make repairs as needed.  Remove debris to prevent mildew and mold buildup.  Clean, dry and store outdoor furniture or cover it with a tarp. 


Pool.  Winterize your pool properly and cover the pool to protect children, wildlife and pets from tragedy.  According to the experts at Aqua Magazine, the safety of a protective cover can also have the added benefit of being part of your outdoor decor.  Consider adding a cover that works well with your landscaping and style.  Covers now come in a pleasing array of textures and colors, making them not such an eyesore through the chilly months. 



Winterize your home.  With the arrival of fall you know winter can’t be far behind.  The harsh weather and frigid temperatures can mean damage and costly repairs to your property.  Take steps to prepare your home so you can rest easy this winter. 

New Home Checklist - 10 Things To Do After Unpacking

1.  Change The Locks - Do you know how many spare keys there are to your new home?  Probably not.  Replace all locks on your doors and consider adding smart locks and deadbolts.

2.  Get Copied Of Your Housing Docs - Keep a copy of your documents in a fireproof safe and file a copy with your financial institution.

3.  Update Home Technology - Now is the perfect time to install things like security systems and familiarize yourself with your electrical system and fuse boxes.

4.  Deep Clean - Carpets, pools, jacuzzis, ceiling fans and windows have most likely accumulated dust and other dirt prior to your move.

5.  Update Your Mailbox - Be sure to update your name and replace worn out address numbers.

6.  Test Fire Safety - Check fire extinguisher expiration dates.  Also make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are clean and working.

7. Heating & Air Conditioning - Make sure to change the air conditioning and furnace filters and ensure the air ducts aren't blocked.

8.  Update Interior - Change out window treatments, flooring, paint, cabinets and other items needing replacing early on.

9.  Change Your Address - Set up mail forwarding with your local post office.  Then change the address with the DMV, financial institutions and insurance.

10.  Have An Evacuation Plan - Find two ways to exit your home and set up a meeting place for your family in case of an emergency.  Invest in an escape ladder as well.

10 Tips to Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

  • Your entryway deserves a facelift!  A new front door or a simple coat of pain will do wonders!
  • Always make sure your yard is landscaped.  Show buyers that the home was taken care of by having a well groomed lawn.
  • Lighting is important!  Be sure all outdoor light bulbs have been replaced and are in working order.
  • Wash inside and outside of all windows.  You don't want to block a great view with grime.
  • Clean out the garage.  Reserve a storage unit to store any items that aren't of immediate use.
  • Add a pop of color!  Plant flowers in front or on the sides of the house.
  • Don't forget your decorations.  Remove any lawn ornaments you will be taking with you to your new house.
  • Replace an old welcome mat with a new one before your showings start.
  • Make your address numbers more visible.  Replace old numbers with new ones or simply put on a new coat of paint.
  • Power washing sidewalks, driveways and siding will make them look brand new!

10 Tips to Make Sure Buyers Feel At Home In Your House

  • Clean!  A clean home will have buyers picturing themselves in the space with no distractions.
  • Every room needs a purpose.  Give each room an identity, even if it was just used as a bonus room.
  • Bring in the light!  Darkness makes rooms feel gloomy and small.  Keeping rooms bright makes them feel inviting and warm.
  • If it's broken, fix it!  If repairs are needed, buyers may offer less for the house.
  • De-clutter.  Show how much room is available by purging closet and pantry items.
  • Replace old carpet and throw on a fresh coat of paint.  These are the top 2 things you can do to help your home sell faster and for more money!
  • Make sure the kitchen is organized.  Clean all surfaces and store any small appliances.
  • Before showing, hide all dirty laundry and empty all trash cans.
  • Silence the noise.  Make sure no doors squeak and open and close smoothly.
  • Check the lighting.  Verify all switched work and replace old light bulbs .
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