New Home Checklist - 10 Things To Do After Unpacking

1.  Change The Locks - Do you know how many spare keys there are to your new home?  Probably not.  Replace all locks on your doors and consider adding smart locks and deadbolts.

2.  Get Copied Of Your Housing Docs - Keep a copy of your documents in a fireproof safe and file a copy with your financial institution.

3.  Update Home Technology - Now is the perfect time to install things like security systems and familiarize yourself with your electrical system and fuse boxes.

4.  Deep Clean - Carpets, pools, jacuzzis, ceiling fans and windows have most likely accumulated dust and other dirt prior to your move.

5.  Update Your Mailbox - Be sure to update your name and replace worn out address numbers.

6.  Test Fire Safety - Check fire extinguisher expiration dates.  Also make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are clean and working.

7. Heating & Air Conditioning - Make sure to change the air conditioning and furnace filters and ensure the air ducts aren't blocked.

8.  Update Interior - Change out window treatments, flooring, paint, cabinets and other items needing replacing early on.

9.  Change Your Address - Set up mail forwarding with your local post office.  Then change the address with the DMV, financial institutions and insurance.

10.  Have An Evacuation Plan - Find two ways to exit your home and set up a meeting place for your family in case of an emergency.  Invest in an escape ladder as well.

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