Nevada's Oldest Hotel Is Also One Of The Most Haunted Places You’ll Ever Sleep

Nevada is a state with a ton of history, so naturally, we’re also home to all sorts of haunted attractions. From creepy old graveyards to haunted saloons, we’ve got it all. And of course, we’re home to a haunted hotel or two. The hotel featured below is considered the oldest in the state, so it makes sense that there have been some eerie occurrences here. Today, this hotel is bursting with nostalgic charm, but come nighttime, you might find yourself sleeping with one eye open. Take a look and decide for yourself whether or not this haunted hotel is all it’s cracked up to be.

Widely known as the oldest hotel in Nevada, the Gold Hill Hotel can be found in the historic hot spot of Virginia City. A popular location for weddings and events, it's definitely not lacking on historic charm. However, there's a lot more to this place than meets the eye.

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During the 1860s, Gold Hill was just another mining town that was swept up with the craze of the Gold Rush. Boasting several mines beneath the city itself, there was one mine in particular that became victim to one of the worst mining accidents in Nevada's history. A fire broke out in the Yellow Jacket Mine, which ran right underneath the hotel, in 1869 and killed dozens of miners. It's now said that the souls of those miners haunt the hotel to this day.

One of the creepiest spots around the hotel is the old miner's cabin, situated near the back of the property. Considering the cabin is located right next to the mine shaft which contains the unretrevied bodies from the horrid accident, it's no wonder some paranormal activity has been felt here.

The hotel's rooms are another paranormal hot spot. Both "Rosie's Room" and "William's Room" have housed guests that have witnessed moving items, slamming doors, and even some actual apparitions. People who have entered "William's Room" have observed the strong aroma of tobacco, as if someone had just been smoking a cigar in the room. William is believed to be one of the miners lost in the Yellow Jacket Fire.

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The Great Room is also believed to be haunted. Both living and dead have been thought to hang out in the historic room, quenching their thirst with a beverage from the nearby bar.

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If you'd like to decide for yourself whether or not the Gold Hill Hotel is haunted, try spending a night or two in one of their rooms. Alternatively, the hotel holds legitimate ghost tours once a month, complete with spooky tales about the hotel's history.

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